5 Reasons You Should Hire a Trekking Guide In Nepal

  • Sep 7, 2022
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Are you puzzled whether or not to hire a Trekking Guide in Nepal? Many travelers might think a trekking guide is just for inexperienced people. And some might even think the route is so busy that there are no chances to get lost. Moreover, there are many travelers who like to experience those off beaten roads and charm of Himalayas on their own without a guide and there are many success stories too. However, it is not always the same as there are many cases where wanderer have got lost in high mountains and even risk their lives. Furthermore, the trek in Nepal is not always an easy task moreover most of the trekking is in high elevation. That is why, Himalaya Hub present, 5 Reason you should hire a Trekking Guide in Nepal.

1. Stress-free trekking

Yes, definitely! Trekking with a Trekking Guide in Nepal is stress-free compared to trying to trek those mighty Himalayan on your own. A guide will enhance your journey as they will introduce you to local people, take a countless picture of you and even be your friend. If you get any sickness (like altitude sickness) or got through trouble/accident your guide will be there to help you out on those mysterious place; you can trek with full enjoyment. At the end of the day, you will be glad that you hired a guide.

2. Limited on Time

If you are limited on time and want to gain more information about the place you visit then hiring a guide is a better option. A proficient guide will enhance your experience and simply lighten your loads. There’s no need to spend days, weeks or months planning ahead for your trip. There can be confusing places and unsigned junction; as most of the trekking in Nepal goes through jungles and remote lands. Thus, you might trek extra hour downhill by accident. It a worst case if you are limited in time you might even miss what you have been for. They can also help you with arranging internal flights in the worrisome situation (which is very common in Nepal) when your flights get canceled. So, Guide will help you adjust in this unfamiliar country.

It is important to meet your guide before hiring and check language skill, experience and so on after all you will be spending most of your time with your guide.

3. Language

When it comes to traveling to local/remote places in Nepal with absolutely no knowledge about the language can give you a shock. Though people in high Himalayan can speak few English words in some case that won’t be enough. Hire a guide and pat yourself on the back; because you will be able to learn about all the regional history, culture from a knowledgeable guide. A guide can simply translate or clarify what you want.

A reputable trekking agency will provide you with a support team of an English speaking local guide and porter. Plus you can learn few Nepali words through your guide. And while walking through the villages you can say “Namaste” (Hello) and could get connected with the locals. If there’s a lesser known area that you’re interested in exploring, customized guided trips are available through Himalaya Hub!

4. Rural and Restricted Area Trekking

If this is your first time traveling in Nepal or you are completely new to Nepal, then getting a guide from travel agents will be of great help. Rural and Restricted Trekking Routes do not have developed trails and accommodation facilities. It is not an easy task to arrange all the requirement for such trekking. Even though you have trekked previously, it’s better to have someone to manage your permits and all. The guide will be great while trekking to these rural trekking destinations. A good guide is not just a new friend in a strange land but also the one who will facilitate logistics and guide you safely in the mountains.

5. Sense of Security

A guide offers a sense of security in case of any unexpected circumstances in the mountains. When you trek with a guide, you are always safe. As the guide will let you know how to walk in the mountain and make you aware of various possible dangers. Thus, help you stay away from such hazards in the foreign land. Plus a trekking guide/ company have a relationship with the guest houses so they will book rooms for you in advance thus you don’t need to be worried about your accommodation.

Bonus: Tips for Hiring a Trekking Guide in Nepal

Hiring a guide may cost you a little more money but it is a life savior and sometimes it makes everything simple and easy. When it comes to choosing a guide, you need to have a licensed guide. Hire a local Nepali guide from a registered trekking agency. Also, check the reference and screen them well.

If you have traveled to Nepal via a trekking agency, let us know about your experience. If you have decided to hire a trekking agency to guide you in your adventure contact us. In order to make your trip a memorable for the lifetime, Himalaya Hub makes the trekker's crystal clear about the trip and required equipment during the trekking days. We always employ the veteran team so that we can guarantee your safety on the mountain.

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