Makalu Trek

About Makalu Trek: -

Makalu region trekking is located in Eastern part of Nepal is protected by the Makalu Barun National Park and Conservation Project, established in 1992. The total area it covers is 2330 sq km. Makalu is popular among the tourists of the globe for being the fifth highest mountain in the world (8463m/ 27,766ft). 

Despite being restricted area trekking trail in Nepal, it offers a great opportunity to experience tropical and alpine floras and faunas in in one of the most popular Himalayan valley, Arun Valley along with mightyBarun glacier. In addition, one can seize the spectacular mountains view including the giant, Mt. Makalu.

 As Makalu trekking trail is conserved by Makalu Barun National park and conservation, obviously, trekkers will have encounter with hundred of endangered species of plants and animals. Not only in the national park but Arun valley floored by mighty Arun  river is a very popular fertile valley for the habitat for many other species. The subtropical dense forest including rhododendron contrasting with the terraced slopes cultivated by a diverse ethnicities are breath-taking to witness. 

Makalu trekking trails rising from 850 meters (2,788ft) wraps up at 5000 meters (16,900ft) above sea level. So those adventure enthusiasts who wish to experience the thrills of adventure with natural and cultural diversity in off the beaten track ,  make your choice to this trekking and find  it as a rewarding and desirabletrekking.