River Rafting in Nepal

About River Rafting in Nepal: -

Nepal is blessed with numerous crystal-clear rivers flowing continuously throughout the year. Most of the rivers root are in the mountains in the north. The different rapids offer you the true thrills of adventure otherwise river rafting in Nepal lets you experience the serenity and the tranquility. There will be different packages of river rafting like it varies from one day river rafting to one week Long River rafting depending different rivers in Nepal.  So here we are to offer you wild and adventurous river rafting in the summer as the river swells due to the rainfall and relatively in winter the volume of the water in the river will automatically less. The thrills that are offered by the rivers of Nepal will be an experience of a life- time.

Expedition with the surfs on the surface of white water is uniquely different and pleasing. Rafting might be another best way to link different tourism destinations and people with amazing cultures besides hiking.

Trisuli river rafting, Bhotekoshi river rafting, Marshyanddgi river rafting are some of the popular river rafting destinations of Nepal.