Go in search of the magnificent Royal Bengal tiger, elephant, rhino, monkey and diverse birdlife on our unique Wildlife Safari in Nepal.

Nepal’s varied landscapes and climates support a huge range of wildlife and a multitude of bird species. The country has many wonderful National parks and sanctuaries, each offering a distinct wilderness experience. As Nepal has a huge range of endemic species and is also on the route of many wildlife migrations. Nepal provides shelter to over 30 species of large wild animals and approximately 180 species of mammals.

Take jungle safaris by four-wheel drive in search of Royal Bengal tiger, Asian elephant, rare one-horned rhino, monkey, and many species of deer and antelope, as well as a wealth of birdlife and many other beasts roam Nepal’s jungles.  Watching elephants or the sleek Bengal tiger in the wild will be your most cherished memory in Nepal. Among 14 National parks and wildlife conservation in Nepal Chitwan National Park (967 sq.km.), Bardia National Park (968sq.km.) and Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (175 sq.km.) are most popular Safari Destination.

What can you observe during Jungle Safari?

You will discover a lost world of high trees and twisting vines, of prehistoric rhinoceros and lumbering elephants, crocodiles, pythons and deer, bright-colored birds. If you are lucky – the superb Royal Bengal tiger. Sharing home with these are different animals just like the rhesus monkey, grey langur, and leopards. We also introduce you to a different most significant factor adding to the expertise – the colorful Tharu Culture, their manner of living, culture, and tradition and heart touching Tharu Dance.

Highlights of Jungle Safari

  • Elephant Safari
  • Jeep Drive
  • Swimming and Elephant Bathing
  • Observe Asian One-Horned Rhino and Royal Bengal Tigers
  • Discover the unique tradition and culture of Tharu people Tharu Village Tour
  • Elephant Briefing
  • Bird Watching Tour
  • Nature/ Jungle Walk

Climate and the Best time to take Jungle Safari in Nepal

Jungle Safri In Nepal includes a tropical monsoon climate with high humidity throughout the year. The area is found in the central climatic zone of the Himalayas, where monsoon starts in mid-June and eases off in late September. it's pouring with rain. after mid-October the monsoon clouds have retreated, humidity drops off, and also the top daily temperature bit by bit subsides from ±36 °C / 96.8 °F to ±18 °C / 64.5 °F. Nights settle down to 5 °C / 41.0 °F till late December when it usually rains softly for a number of days. Then temperatures begin rising bit by bit.