About Nepal Tour: -

Thousands of tourists visit Nepal every year as they find it pure, divine, and unspoiled both culturally and naturally. Nepal is also popular as one of the finest destination for the tourist around the globe. The presence of mysterious and sacred mountains including the top of the world, the abode of thousands of cultural heritages, and the myriad lakes and countless endangered wildlife fascinate the people of the world here in Nepal.

Fundamentally, our special tour packages insist on the world heritage sites which are enlisted on the world heritage sites of UNESCO. These include different three ancient cities ( Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, and Kathmandu) of Nepal, and Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha. These tour packages are a really spiritual tour to the holy sites. Besides regular tourists, these tour packages are preferred by archaeologists, anthropologists, researchers, and students.

Similarly, we offer you other different exciting tour programs such as the Pokhara tour; the city of lakes and mountains, Nagarkot famous place to seize fabulous mountain view with stunning sunrise and sunset, and Chitwan programs such as jungle safari, elephant riding, and bathing, cultural show, canoeing and so on.

Tour in Nepal is the best way to explore it and to quench the thirst of the real tour to world heritage sites and the natural land of hidden mystery. Himalaya Hub Adventure organizes all these tour packages in a safe and convenient way to let you experience the luxury of the tour.