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Are you able to challenge your limits with the heart racing, blood pumping, breathless and thrilling adventure? Then why don’t you come back to the adventurer’s playground, Nepal? Nepal is a country with lush green hills, a chain of mountains, valleys and a few plain lands that are geographically divided as travel playground in nature. Be it on the east, west, north or south, Nepal is full of places that have the power to excite and dazzle you with every form and plans! Whether you are a traveler, beginner or just adventure lover, Nepal can NEVER make you disappointed. In the recent times, Nepal has appeared as an important, perhaps the most important adventure destination that promises you to revive and explore your adventurous side.

Aside from mountain trekking and expedition, each year adventure enthusiasts visit Nepal to do some totally different adventure sports. Ranging from the marvelous treks powerful and the daring mountain ranges of the Himalayas, skydiving adventures, hill stations and religious destinations of the Kathmandu, manifest beauty of the Pokhara to the white river rafting, bungee Jumping, all the varieties are found in one nation. Nepal has the massive range of potentiality to supply numerous journey sports to enjoy travelers its real rewards. Simply holiday travelers can combine some short adventure activities like bungee Jumping, mountain biking, Paragliding, rock climbing, scenic ultralight flight or as an optional course to make their holiday more delightful.

Pokhara and Kathmandu valley have various possibilities for different activities except for major activities like climbing and trekking. In the high hills, there are Zip flyer, Paragliding, and Ultralight that provide the amazing views of splendid snow-capped mountains, few Lakes, and a whole of Pokhara city.

Renowned adventure sports in Nepal

  • Bunjee Jump
  • Helicopter Tour
  • Paragliding In Nepal
  • Mountain Flight
  • Altra Light Avia

So, Himalaya Hub takes you to the best places of Kathmandu and Pokhara where you can take part in an adventure sport. The short but thrilling adventure activities will be handled and guided by our experts to make services safe and comfortable. Let’s make sure about your interests and we will be happy to organize any sort of activities in Nepal. On the sideline of trekking in higher Himalayas, these outdoor activities and adventure sports tend to satisfy the desire of adventure in Nepal.