About Himalaya Hub Adventure

Himalaya Hub Adventure is one of the leading home grown, home based Trekking and tour companies in Nepal, with our headquarters located in the heart of the Thamel district in the capital city of Kathmandu.  We are a Nepali Government authorized license holder for Trekking, Tourism and local Travel, with a temendous amount of experience in sustainable tourism within Nepal for adventurers from every coorner of the globe.  Himalaya Hub comes to the world with a lively and spirited attitude of exceptional tours with a singlular set of ideals and beliefs, “to please our clients and to see their wonderful smiling faces as they return from a world class tour and magical stay here in Nepal. ” Himalaya Hub Adventure has been operating a uniquely different trekking, touring and expedition program, planned organized and executed in a user friendly and most convenient, safe and memorable way since 2015.  It is and has been our one and only mission to make our customers experience the most uplifting memorable event possible, and to provide prompt, courteous and professional service from start to finish.  Deeds, not words set us apart from our competitors.

The entire team of Himalaya Hub Adventure is a highly professional, experienced, enthusiastic, and well trained group of staff, guides, porters, travel experts and support staff that go the extra mile to provide World Class service to our clients.  It is this service that brings many former adventurers back time and again to experience more of Nepal and its natural and cultural wonders with us on another day.  With a mind for environmental concerns, our eco friendly way, and a desire to provide clean and healthy fun and experiences, our services will allow you to unleash your own hidden power and energy, all the while leaving nothing behind but your footprints, and taking with you memories of a lifetime of experiences in a magical and mysterious land with stories you can tell your children, grandchildren and friends for a lifetime.  We provide the experiences that turn ordinary dreams into a vivd, wonderful, unforgettable, life changing reality.

Why us?

  • Our highly detailed packages contain no hidden fees or additional cost to our clients
  • We provide prompt, courteous and always professional service at every level
  • We offer World Class, all inclusive, guided  trekking packages and tours
  • We offer combined or individual packages and events in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India
  • We spare no effort to find our clients the highest quality most exciting package possible
  • We book tours and packages that are awe inspiring and magical full of secrets and  mystery
  • Our entire team of seasoned veterans of the Nepal travel industry are poised to deal with any and all circumstances
  • We operate trekking and tour programs without discrimination to all people everywhere
  • We strive to make your adventure an unforgettable World Class life changing experience
  • 100% Client satisfaction is our only goal
  • WE CAN