Bhutan, officially the Kingdom of Bhutan is a landlocked country located just south east of Nepal across a strip of  the country of India 80km (50 mi.) wide known as the Sikkim province. Its capital is Thimphu and it is a Bhuddist kingdom known far and wide for its magnificent monasteries such as Paro Takstang monastery which is also known as the Tigers Nest (Kung Fu Panda comes to mind) which is built among the cliffs overlooking the Paro Valley, as well as multiple magnificent fortresses (Dzongs) such as Punakha Dzong with its awe-inspiring architecture and beauty, and hilltop towns such as Wangdue Phodrang which overlooks the Puna Tsang Chu river.  Bhutan is overflowing with ancient history and culture older than Christianity itself and awe-inspiring landscapes everywhere you go.  Bhutan is located up against the Himalayan mountain range and its topography ranges from subtropical plains to the barren Himalayan mountains and everything in between.  Bhutan is well , and to serious trekking groups and individuals for some of the best trekking in the world.  The food in Bhutan is also a world apart from just about anything on the planet, with its most famous dish Ema Datshi, which is prepared in an endless amount of ways and recipes.  Datshi is a Bhutanese cheese and many dishes use it such at Ema Datshi as well as Kewa Datshi (kewa is potato) a similar dish to scallop potatoes or potatoes au gratin.  Whatever meals you try your taste buds will overflow with flavor unique to just this one place and the entire experience of scenery, architecture, natural wonders and beauty will leave you with memories you can get no place else