Amazing ABC Trekking with Ram the Guide

  • Sep 7, 2022
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We already planned for this dream trip to Nepal since one year ago. We are 7 travel mate from a running community in Kendari, Indonesia, South East Sulawesi. But on 2 days before our departure, we got news that Annapurna Base Camp which is our highlight destination got bad weather and avalanche happened. But the show must go on; we already search some info about Nepal, Kathmandu, and to ABC, but never prepared for the real condition.

Until we met Puru from Himalaya Hub Adventure and later with Ram Kumar as our guide. They provide us latest update information about the situation on ABC. At first we planned to have this trip as non-guide. But since the unpredictable weather and unusual condition, also all of us were the first-timer in Nepal and all trekking activity, we decided it’s safer to use Himalayan Hub service.

If it’s not luck, then I guess it’s our blessing to have Ram Kumar as our guide. Because his hospitality, service and how he took care all of us is beyond compare. From Day-1 he gave warm welcome, and explains many things that are related to our trip. He also helped us get the equipment we need, because we all very inexperienced in trekking. Even when the trip to ABC summit was not certain due to changing weather, Ram always cheer us and motivate us.

When one of our friends got sick because of severe dyspepsia, Ram helped us to make contact some people and handle the urgency so well. And when also one of our friends almost got hypothermia symptom, Ram took care of us all and make sure we all comfortable with limited situation. Because we all live on equator and tropical area, our body really didn’t adapted easily in cold temperature. From 7 persons, only 4 of us who can reach the ABC summit and it really was an amazing-once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We were really grateful can reach Annapurna Base Camp that day, because Ram told us, from his seven years trekking experience that was the most terrible heavy snow avalanche, out route covered with thick snow almost 3 meters height. And we were trekking on unusual route. The normal route wasn’t accessible anymore that day.

If you do the trekking activity, please bring sufficient amount of cash money, because we were miscalculated the budget, and were run out of cash while trekking. Again, Ram our guide willing to lend us some money, and accept to paid back when we’re already back to Pokhara. 

After the trekking to ABC we went to do paragliding the day after. And it was also once-in-a-lifetime experience. And Himalayan Hub gave us good price for that package. 

We surely have wonderful trip to Nepal, despite all the bad weather, the uncertainty, but Ram especially really helped us to make the most enjoyable trip we can have. Once from stranger, he become our really good friends. If we had another plan to visit Nepal, to explore other places, we absolutely recommend Himalayan Hub Adventure as your guide.

See you again for other adventure, Nepal!

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