Himalaya Hub Adventure is one of the prominently leading trekking and tour companies, government authorized licensed holder, located in the tourism hum, Thamel. Having been possessed tremendous work experience in sustainable tourism in Nepal and around the world. Himalaya Hub has come up to you all travelers of the world with a quite lively spirit of tourism prospects and our sole motto is “To please the guests and to see their smiling faces catering world class service during their stay here in Nepal
We have been operating different trekking, tour and expedition programs in the most convenient, safe and memorable way. We claim that we are the one and only trekking agency to cater the most prompt service explicitly without any hidden wickedness. It is not only in saying, you can experience it in practice yourselves.


Why us

  • We have very explicit deal without any hidden selfishness
  • We try our best to provide prompt and genuine service
  • We offer authentic trekking and tour programs
  • We keep no stone unturned to let you experience the luxury and convenience
  • We especially take you to such place where you will have a chance to uncover the hidden mystery
  • Our entire team is possessed of tremendous experience of tourism to deal with unforeseen and foreseen circumstances
  • We operate the trekking and tour programs establishing a strong bond among the societiee
  • We always tend to make your journey a memorable
  • Guests’ satisfaction is or prime concern

Our Best seller

From $ 1295
Annapurna Circuit Trek
From $ 1500
Limi Valley Trekking
From $ 2530
Arun Valley Trekking
From $ 2300
Kanchenjhunga Trek
From $ 430
Dhampus Sarangkot Trek

Featured Day trips

Our Recommended Trips for 2016/2017

From $ 1160
Everest Panorama Trek
From $ 1350
Everest Base Camp Trek
From $ 560
Dhampus Sarangkot Trek