Mardi himal

Eline,Netherlands- May 05, 2023

arranged quickly and they were very flexible in what we did each day, where we wanted to stay etc.
It was nice to get to know more about Nepal, both mountains and generally, from Rupesh and we had great times with him chilling, playing cards and hiking of course!

About the Mardi Himal specifically; we expected it to be a bit more focussed on hiking, instead it was relatively easy and had quite some time left per day to chill (ended up doing it within 4 days instead of 5). This was not so clear beforehand. Also quite some parts of the trek were made with steps, differs per person whether you like that or not.

There were a lot of tea houses along the way, Rupesh knew the best ones to eat and stay ;)
Also weather is something you cannot plan and it can be cloudy during the trek, so don't be dissapointed if you don't always have the best views, but if it is clear, it is beautiful ;)