Manaslu Circuit

Shahrzad Zarion,Denmark- May 15, 2023

I booked Manaslu circuit through Himalaya Hub Adventure and I had a very pleasant experience with them. My guide/porter very quickly got to know my physical and metal strength and weakness and thereby excatly knew when to push me and when not to. He was always in very good mood and a great motivator who knew his way around the mountains. Eventhough when we were going through laerke pass at 5106m altitude was caught in a very bad snow blizzard, my guide had the strength to also carry my 4-5 kg backpack on top of my normal backpack that he already had been carrying throughout the trek and he thereby made sure I got down from the mountain sound and safe.In addition, their central office was very service-minded and made sure that my suitcase was delivered in Pokhara so I could have my other stuff after finishing the trek and thereby continue my travel without going back to Katmandu. I can highly recommend Himalaya hub adventure.