ELNINO,Algeria- March 19, 2020

It all started when Ramesh, a local Tour-Manager, hopped into the taxi that I took from the airport to my hotel. Since I have never been to Nepal before, i assumed that I would not make the best deal if I would have made an agreement with a random guy that just hopped into my taxi. But since Ramesh was the most welcoming and friendly guy that i could imagine at that point, I took his card and when i was at the hotel I googled for the company and saw all the good reviews, so why not give it a try! I wrote Ramesh on Whatsappand he took time for me and came to my hotel and lead me to the company he is working for. I wanted to book a trip to Gokyo Ri, and was concerned about my broken toe, that I had back then. He planned the rout with me accordingly and made me feel very safe, so we had an agreement and I payed for the tour right away. THEN I got food poisoning, a really bad one. So I had to postpone the trekking that was supposed to start the next day. That was not only no problem for the company, Ramesh even came by at the hotel to check how I am, and offered me to get medicine from the near hospital. I found him such a nice person, that we even went for a beer together after the trekking twice. So when the food poisoning was over one week later, we planed the rout again - at no extra cost!

Before the trekking startet I got introduced to my guide Rupesh and he described me every detail of the trek. I liked Rupesh right from the start because he was very humorous and I knew that we will have a good time together. When Rupesh and I arrived in Lukla we met Passang, the porter and our dream team was complete.

I cannot tell in words how good these two humans treated me during my trekking, they not only lead me safely to the top of Gokyo Ri, what by the way is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and done in my life, they also became best friends of mine and I will never forget the two.

Rupesh managed everything perfectly so I could stay in cosy lodges and have the food I preferred. He made me feel very comfortable during the trek by walking my speed and paying attention to my condition and we had countless awesome conversations about everything. If we felt bored we played a local board-game called Ludo or played Uno, so we had a lot of nights laughing. If I wanted privacy, I had privacy - just how you would expect it. Rupesh is a very happy personality what made me forget my fears or doubts right away and motivated me if I felt a little down. Rupesh would always make everything to make you feel comfortable, and he does a perfect job doing so.

Passang the porter is a human that you just have to love, he speaks a basic english, knows every mountain on the way by its name and ist the most charming person you will meet. He carried my way to heavy back-pack (again, so sorry for the backpack being so heavy Passang!!) to the top and down again, and would always be positive and sing nepali songs. On the way down he invented me to his sisters place where I had the chance to taste the local rice wine. Passang as well did everything he could to make me feel comfortable and was the most respectful person you could imagine.

I truly had a hard time to say good bye to these guys and I promised that I will be back to meet them and trekk with them again.

THANK YOU for everything Passang, Rupesh and Ramesh for the awesome trip, i will always keep you in mind!