JANAS,Austria- January 11, 2021

I can completely recommend to book a tour with this company and especially our guide Dinesh (the other guides are probably great as well). I will explain why.
First, we did the annapurna circuit for 14 days. The service of the company was helpful from the beginning. Before the trek we wanted to go to bandipur, our agent Puru set everything up, that this works and we got picked up from our guide there. Also we were able to meet our guide before trekking, which is very helpful when you spend the next 14 days together.
To our guide Dinesh: I don't think you can get better service. He is very friendly and communicative and gave us a lot of insights about living in Nepal. But he also realized when you want to have some time for yourself and enjoy the silence and nature. He also knew a lot about the trek itself and the tea houses etc. so we had a lot of different options about where to stay and which route to take.
Of course you can do the trek only by yourself, but we got so many benefits from booking a tour. Especially when we got a health issue in high camp, Puru and Dinesh took care of everything, where you probably would have some problems as a non nepali.