Great Himalayan Trail

About Great Himalayan Trail

Great Himalayan trail trekking

The GHT is the most exhilarating and adventurous trekking trail in the world.

Venturing to this trekking trail is like creating a legend once in a lifetime. And it

is considered to be the longest and highest alpine walking track in the world

winding 4500kms through giant mountains ranges and most isolated ethnic

communities from the mainstream. Actually, the concept of this trekking

trekking trail has been developed to enhance the prospects of sustainable tourism

in the most remote areas of Nepal supporting them in their local commerce.

Relentlessly, the travelers embark on a trip for 156 days which is equivalent to

almost 7 other short trips in Nepal. The variation that you experience in this long

trip will be quite unique that the rest of the trekking trips in Nepal. Not only you

trekkers will experience the variations in nature and in culture but also you will

share the benefit of tourism directly or indirectly in order to easy the local lifestyle

which is deprived of basic needs.

The trekking team to this trail (GHT) will obviously be well equipped so as to

ensure the most safety and the most comfort to the guests as the team venture to

the most hidden corner of Himalayan kingdom of Nepal and also the trial is full of


Most importantly, you can exchange your cultures with the hospitable people of

hidden land, the awe-inspiring landscapes, majestic Himalayan range almost all the


talllest mountains, unique flora and faunas the historian and cultural sites in the

trail are some of the highlights of this trip.

We team of Himalaya Hub Adventure are operating this trip for the last 4 years to

let you embark on a trip from Kanchenjunga to the Yari valley!