What is special about the Manaslu circuit trek?

  • Sep 7, 2022
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Treks usually take you to places in nature that relieve you from the bothersome and chaotic daily life.

Among the many treks to the mountains, Manaslu Circuit Trek offers one of the most beautiful and unreal experiences. Other than the views of majestic mountains and the natural landscape, this trek has a lot more to offer. The trail includes the ancient salt trading route to the Himalayas of Nepal. Trekking to the world’s eighth highest mountain, Mt Manaslu with an elevation of 8,163 m already makes the trek much more exciting.

This trek begins from the land of Gorkha district which holds history within itself. Exploring nature through the narrow trails leading you to the villages holding their own specialty adds to this trek. As trekking in this area was only permitted after1992 by the Government of Nepal, the trek to the foot of Mt Manaslu is remote and unspoiled.

Manaslu Circuit Trek 2022 - Everything You Should Know

During this trek, you enter the restricted areas of Nepal, Manaslu Conservation Area (MCA), and Annapurna Conservation Area (ACA) where you can explore the flora and fauna that have been residing by the hidden hills of Nepal for ages. In addition to all these chances of encountering the nearly extinct or endangered animals such as the red pandas along with various others like snow leopard, langur monkeys, blue sheep and what not, along the way makes this trip to the world’s eighth mountain more exciting and fun. Not only that, the diverse Nepalese culture throughout the trail makes a never forgetting mark on your heart. The overwhelmingly kind people offering you Nepalese cuisine make it even more beautiful. Monasteries and the pray stones, with the Buddhi Gandaki River guiding you to the mesmerizing view of Mt Manaslu, adds on to the gorgeousness of Manaslu Circuit Trek.

The experience of the never disturbed environment along with the magnificent views of the mountains such as Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, and many more peaks over 6500m all within the same trek is what the Manaslu Circuit Trek offers you. Lakes and glaciers, the ancient monasteries such as Ribung Gompa, Thoje Gompa, Punygen Gompa, the infamous Budhi Gandaki River, Marsyangdi River, the Gurung community presenting most of its culture at display and the never resting mountains calling you through the guidance of the forests and old narrow trails leading you to the peaceful and mesmerizing surrounding all to yourself are what makes this trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek special.

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