The best weather to go on the Langtang Gosaikunda trek

  • Sep 15, 2022
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The ultimate challenge and concern to beginning a trek towards the mountains is the weather which totally depends on the time or season you travel.

Langtang Gosaikunda trek is a beautiful journey that offers you the diverse experiences of the gorgeous landscapes, flora and fauna, geography, and most of all the whole of Nepal. This all is possible only when you choose the right season for the travel. Although the trail towards the mesmerizing Mt Langtang Lirung and the holy Gosaikunda is open year-round, there are only a few seasons that provide you with the best of the views. And if you travel in the off seasons you might find the accommodations cheaper and easy, but enjoying the views and actually exploring the beauty of the place is a real challenge and is unlikely to happen. So it is better for you to plan the travel beforehand and for the appropriate season.

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The best season to travel to the infamous Langtang valley and the Gosaikunda is the autumn and the spring season. These seasons are best known to offer the most beautiful views than the other seasons.  The months are also an indication of the perfect time to travel on a trekking journey. The months of March to May and September to November are known to be the perfect years for the routes to be clear. October however is known as the most suitable season.

March is known to be the beginning of the summer season which calls for warm and sunny days. The environment is fresh and as you roam around the forests of Langtang National Park, you find the flora and fauna even more refreshing. The month of March leads you to a warmer experience here in the mountains. Blooming of the national flower, rhododendron, and the greenery around adds to your trip followed by the grand welcome by the mountain ranges alongside the Langtang Valley.

The climate from March to May offers you a similar experience although, it is warmer towards April and May as these are known to be the hottest seasons. After this, comes the season inviting the cold winter to its side, the season of September to November. Even though September marks the end of the monsoon, you might get a few days of gloomy weather on the Langtang Gosaikunda trek, which will definitely hinder your experience of the trek. Soon after September, comes the most awaited season of trekking which is October.

October is known as the optimal season for trekking as it offers the best views among all other months and to add to that is well known for the beautiful festive season here in Nepal.  So with the astonishing views of the lakes and mountains within the beautiful district of Rasuwa, you will also be enjoying the longest and the most awaited festival celebrated in Nepal, Bada Dashain, and the festival of lights Tihar. This is the reason why October is the crowded season to travel which leads to a tough accommodation situation given the lavish experience it offers.

November is also a suitable month to travel to see all of Langtang valley and the holy lakes of Gosaikunda including all other Kunda guiding you towards them. It gets quite chilly this month being on the winter side. For this reason, warmer clothes are much essential in this season of the Langtang Gosaikunda trek.

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