Mardi Himal Trek with Nawaraj Rijal

  • Sep 7, 2022
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We did the Mardi Himal basecamp trek in Mid-November with Raj, and it was definetly the best experience we had in our entire trip through Nepal! It took us 5 Days to complete the trip starting in Kande and ending it in Sidhing, taking an offroad vehicle back to Pokhara from there. We trekked as a couple with Raj as our guide, and were extremely happy to have booked the trip with Himalaya Hub Adventures. They organised the transport to and from the starting/end point and every overnight stay on our trek for us without any problems. Also Raj was just an absolutely amazing guide! He was always happy and tried everything to make the trek an unforgetteable journey! Despite us beeing quite slow walkers and often times quickly exhausted he was always patient with us, always walked our speed and took a lot of breaks so we could rest. He even helped my girlfriend to carry her luggage one time despite having his own and not being a porter when she was too exhausted to make it to the next camp. We also found him to be an amazing companion on this trip as he was always happy to talk with us about various topics including his life in Nepal which gave us an great insight into the live of a Nepali! I would definetly recommend him to anybody wanting to take this trip as he always tried everything to make everything work in a way that would make us happy!

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