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  • Nov 27, 2022
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One of the up-growing trekking routes in Nepal is the Manaslu trek circuit. The Manaslu region has a variety of trodden pathways and trails and is rich in scenic beauty. Manaslu is also the eighth-highest peak in the world. It is situated about 64 km (40 m) east of Annapurna and is the highest peak in the Gorkha district. We guarantee that the cost of your trek will be within your budget. We consider the expense of a permit, a transportation guide, a porter (if necessary), at least one trekking partner, and obviously, food and lodging. Manaslu 18-day trek to the Himalayan region can cost between $1400 and $1500.

Transportation cost:

To get to Sotikhola(starting point of the trek) from Kathmandu would cost less than $15 for one person on the local bus. Jeep cost roughly $175 to $200 each way. That is quite expensive in comparison. However, the price goes for negotiation, if you split it ($30 per seat for seven people, on average). The walk starts from Sotikhola or Aarughat. You must go through the rough roads to get there, either by boarding a local bus or hiring a private jeep.

The same holds for the journey's conclusion from Tal or Besisahar to Kathmandu. However, there are local jeeps that are slightly less expensive between Tal and Besisahar, costing Rs. 2500 (25$) for tourists and Rs. 1500 (15$) for locals.

Food & Accommodation:

There is no reliable transportation in Manaslu now. Supplying commodities and food in high-altitude regions is challenging. A man and a donkey are used to move all the stuff.

You need to budget about ten USD for every meal, or $25 to $35 per day, due to the transportation issues and the pattern of rising prices with elevation.

It is obvious that cost depends on your appetite, the number of meals you eat, and the beverages you drink. If we compare it to other routes, the price of food is lower on the Manaslu route.

Drink prices on this route are the same as those in other mountainous areas. The cost of tea or coffee is $2.50 or $3.70, respectively. Also, a bottle of water or soda can set you back between $2 and $7, and beer costs between $8-$10.

Another name for the Manaslu Hike is the tea-house trek. Camping is not necessary unless you walk off the beaten path. The cost for each night for a single twin-sharing room is between $6-$10. Please be advised that if you hire a room with two twin beds so you may sleep alone, you are still required to pay the full cost of the accommodation, which is the price for two people.

Trekking permit cost:

Manaslu is a restricted area of the country. Nobody can enter this region without a special permit. You need to get three permits from the government.

  • Manaslu Restricted Permit
  • Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP)
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP)

If you wish to go to Tsum valley, you need another permit Tsum valley restricted permit. The cost of these permits depends upon the number of days you stay. Manaslu restricted permit will cost $100 per week and $15 per extra day. For MCAP it will cost $30 per person and also for ACAP it cost $30.

The cost of a Guide or porter:

Manaslu is a restricted region so you need to hire at least one authorized person from the Nepal trekking association. If you hire a professional guide, it may cost $30-$40 per day including guide accommodation, food, and insurance. But if you are planning to hire a porter, it is also possible and cheaper than hiring a guide. It will cost $20-$25.

It is your choice to hire a guide or porter. But it is strongly suggested to hire a professional guide for your safety.

Others cost:

It may not include in the package cost if you subscribe to one. Few dollars can be charged for charging your electronic gadget and using Wi-Fi. Also, a bucket shower, heated by gas or firewood-type service is charged extra.

If you are willing to tip a guide or porter, enter the monasteries or stupa, it is on your account.

This is one of the rapidly growing trekking routes in Nepal. Our agency provides a very affordable package for 18 days trek to Manaslu.


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