Manaslu circuit trek cost | A guide to budget travelers

  • Jun 9, 2023
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Nepal is known for its awe-inspiring mountain landscapes, and the Manaslu circuit Trek is no exception. The journey is a well-kept secret that is becoming more and more well-liked among adventure seekers. The major attraction of this journey is Mt. Manaslu, the eighth-highest peak in the world.

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Nonetheless, it's crucial to take the cost into account while making plans to the Manaslu circuit trek. In this blog, we'll take a look at the Manaslu circuit trek cost breakdown and provide some tips to help you budget your trip.

  • Permits and Fees

Before we dive into the other expenses, let's talk about the permits and fees required for the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Depending on the season you want to travel, different permits have different prices. The permit fee for the high season (September-November) is $100 for the first week and $15 for each additional day. The permit fee for the low season (December-August) is $75 for the first week and $10 for each additional day.

  •  Accommodation

You'll be staying in tea houses while on the Manaslu circuit trek. The location and period of the year have an impact on lodging costs. The cost of accommodation ranges from $3-$6 per night. However, in peak season, the price can increase to $10-$15 per night depending upon the location.

  • Food and Drinks

The menu items you select will determine the price of the meals and beverages. A dinner typically costs $5–$7 per person. The location and season, however, might affect the food cost as well. It's essential to carry some snacks and water with you during the Manaslu Circuit trek, which may help you save some money.

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  • Transportation Cost

Getting to the Manaslu Circuit Trek starting point requires transportation, and the cost depends on your mode of transportation. There are two main options for transportation: private jeep and local bus.

The most practical choice is a private jeep since it provides more comfort and freedom. The cost of a private jeep from Kathmandu to Soti Khola, the starting point of the Manaslu  Circuit Trek, ranges from NPR 25,000 to NPR 30,000 for a round trip. Groups can save money by choosing this option because the cost can be divided among travelers.

The local bus is a more affordable option, but it is less comfortable and less flexible. The cost of a local bus from Kathmandu to Soti Khola ranges from NPR 500 to NPR 800 per person, one way. However, the local bus schedule is less predictable and can be delayed due to road conditions, making it less reliable.

It's crucial to remember that transportation prices might change based on the season and the level of demand. It's always best to research and book transportation in advance to avoid any last-minute price hikes or availability issues.

  •  Guide and Porter

 A guide is not mandatory for the Manaslu Circuit Trek, but it's highly recommended. A guide will cost between $25 and $30 each day, including food and lodging. A porter will cost around $20-$25 per day, including food and accommodation. Hiring a porter is also optional but highly recommended if you're carrying a heavy backpack.

  • Personal Expenses

Personal expenses such as Wi-Fi, hot showers, and charging electronic devices are available during the Manaslu circuit trek but are not included in the tea house price. The cost of Wi-Fi ranges from $2-$5 per hour, and hot showers cost around $3-$5. The cost of charging electronic devices ranges from $1-$3 per hour.

  • Miscellaneous Expenses

There are several miscellaneous expenses to consider when budgeting for the Manaslu Circuit Trek. These include travel insurance, transportation, and gear rental. The cost of travel insurance varies based on the level of coverage you select, and it is required for the expedition. Transportation costs depend on your mode of transportation and location. Gear rental is optional, but if you don't have proper trekking gear, you can rent it from local shops.

In conclusion, the Manaslu Circuit Trek cost depends on several factors such as the season, accommodation, food, guide, and personal expenses. During a 16-day walk, the total cost per participant might vary from $1000 to $1200. You may take part in this beautiful journey without going over your spending limit by making an appropriate budget and exercising financial management.

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