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Mardi Himal trek, a majestic trekking trail that sits in the lap of the beautiful Annapurna range, can be a great option for you if you need a getaway from your daily repetitive life. While planning to go for a trek, many are hesitant regarding where will they be staying during their trekking journey as it is crucial to locate appropriate hotels along the trekking route, especially for first-timers and solo travelers.

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The Mardi Himal trek has recently been open to the public so initially, there were not much of accommodation sites in the trekking route. As of now, this trekking route has increasingly become more popular so the number of hotels and guesthouses has increased for sure, but during the major trekking season, especially during the autumn season and the spring season, it can be hard to get the hotels for accommodation given the ratio of number of visitors and the hotels is low. Here is a list of the hotels that will be helpful to you.


The starting point of most of the trekker’s journey for the Mardi Himal trek. If you have some time to spare, then spending some time in this major tourist capital of Nepal would be a very delightful experience for you. Here, are some hotels in Pokhara:

1. Hotel Fewa Holiday Inn: Cosy accommodations, breathtaking lake views, and a rooftop restaurant next to Phewa Lake.

2. Temple Tree Resort and Spa: Luxurious lodgings, a serene setting, and lovely gardens and spa services.

3. Hotel Barahi: Located by the lakeside, offers a wide range of accommodation options, including swimming pools and restaurants with lake views.


Dhampus is a small village along the Mardi Himal trek, the trekkers can get a glimpse of the Gurung community and their culture. In Dhampus, you can find several hotels listed below:

1. Basanta Lodge: Famous for its warm hospitality, offering comfortable rooms with traditional decoration and a taste of local cuisine, by sitting with the majestic view of mountains from the balcony.

2. Peaceful lodge: Clean rooms with friendly staff and a peaceful garden for relaxing and unwinding.

3. Himalaya Lodge: Comfortable rooms, a beautiful garden with views of the mountains, along with organic and home-cooked foods.

 Pittam Deurali

 Pittam Deurali is a little village or an obscure area along the Mardi Himal trek route where accommodations may be hard to come by. Here, below is the list of lodges you find there;

1. Nice View Lodge and Restaurant: Comfortable accommodation facilitated with hot showers.

2. Trekkers Inn Lodge: Provides traditional living vibes with great hospitality.

Forest Camp

Forest Camp is a dramatic stop in the Mardi Himal Trek, an oasis of lush forests and gentle trails.

1. Hotel Forest Camp and Restaurant: Comfortable rooms with attached bathrooms and hot showers. The cozy dining area provides trekkers with delicious meals amidst the natural surroundings.

2. Hotel Mardi And Restaurant: Good view of the mountains with a pleasant stay at Forest Camp with comfortable quarters, friendly staff, and delicious meals.

3. Hotel Green View And Restaurant: Affordable place with good rooms.

Rest Camp

 Rest Camp's facilities are fairly simple, but it offers a comfortable place for travelers to rest, regroup and take advantage of the natural beauty around them. Some of the guesthouses or teahouses that might offer you a place for accommodation are:

1. Hotel Rest Camp And Restaurant: With clean and comfortable accommodations, panoramic views of the surrounding mountains can also be seen from the dining area at the lodge.

 Low Camp

A scenic stop, as it is located in an area with a relatively lower degree of development than other places on the journey, offers several accommodation options which are suitable for trekkers' needs. Some of the teahouses and guesthouses in this area are:

1. Hotel Machhapuchre Samjhana and Restaurant: Clean rooms, nice hospitality, and amazing views of the mountains.

2. Hotel Laligurans Garden and Restaurant: Rooms are simple and comfortable. The friendly staff will be happy to offer you a warm welcome with a delicious meal

3. Hotel Green View and Restaurant: Comfortable atmosphere that provides peace of mind. The dining room of the guest house is accessible to trekkers, where they can take advantage of local cuisine.

 Middle Camp

Although mid-camp is a less well-known rest point along the way. Nevertheless, some guesthouses offer lodging facility which is listed below:

1. Twin Peak Guest House: Nice place for accommodation with scenic views of the mountain.

 Badal Danda

 In the beautiful forests of Annapurna, Badal Danda offers a serene and spectacular location for trekkers. Some of the accommodations in this place are:

1.  Hotel Lucky View and Restaurant: Good accommodation with affordable pricing.

High Camp

The last stop before arriving at the Mardi Himal base camp is High Camp. At higher altitudes, accommodation becomes more and more essential for trekkers. At High Camp, you can find a couple of accommodation options:

1. Hotel High Camp and Restaurant: Simple rooms with comfortable dining areas and awe-inspiring views of snow-capped giants.

2.  Hotel Fishtail and Restaurant: Comfortable rooms, proper service, and majestic views of the Annapurna range are what this place has to offer.

3.  Hotel Trekker’s Paradise and Restaurant: Warm hospitality with delicious food and a memorable experience for visitors.

This comprehensive list of hotels is intended to help you plan your accommodation throughout the Mardi Himal trek. These hotels offer different levels of comfort and facilities for your needs, from busy Pokhara city to the peaceful villages of Dhampus and Forest Camp until finally reaching altitudes higher than High Camp. During the peak trekking season, booking is suggested as it will make you more secure for your accommodation.


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