Kanchenjunga-22 Days Kanchenjunga route trek

  • Nov 17, 2022
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The trek to Kangchenjunga from mid-hills ends up in the snow-capped mountain is the long route leading you through forests, edgy hills, a bank of rivers, and mostly through steep trails. This trail is less likely to be crowded as this region is still a wonder to many people. Following the trail leads you to the world's third-highest mountain Kangchenjunga (8586m)  which is also known as Oktong. On the way to Mt.Kangchenjunga and other massifs, you can also enjoy the mesmerizing nature such as rhododendron, cedar, and pine forests, fast-flowing rivers, waterfalls, ponds and if you got lucky, the sight of wild animals which are in the verge of extinction. In addition to these magical experiences, you also get to live traditional villagers' life, meet the Sherpa community and closely observe their livelihood. Also, don’t be amazed to see commonly built mud and stone home with stone roofs which really shows the simplicity of people living here with the richness of nature and authentic beliefs passed from generation to generation.  Likewise, village women doing their embroidery work, art, and craft is a major attraction for the trekkers coming over here.

Nepal's flaunting of its diverse landscapes for you to enjoy invites you to one of the most beautiful journeys as you step forward to Mt. Kangchenjunga. To start off the trek towards the Kangchenjunga summit needs a high level of motivation and commitment as there is a long way to go through the difficulties and high chances of altitude sickness. The trek continues for more than 20 days mostly through the strenuous path so being equipped with your essentials and physical strength is the only way out of there. Also, the trekking route passes through rock-falling hills, landslides, and frosty trails. After all, these hurdles in reaching the Kangchenjunga base camp (Oktong) will finally pay off for your determination and commitment.  The sightseeing of the great Mt. Kangchenjunga(8586m) with other famous peaks like Yalung, Kabru 1, Kabru 2, Kabru 3, Ratong, and Sikkim peak is magnificent and unreal. Also, capturing the herd of blue sheep which symbolizes the place, Oktong is also mesmerizing.