Can you trek solo in the Manaslu Tsum valley region?

  • Jul 19, 2023
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The Manaslu region is home to distinctive customs and cultures that are strongly inspired by the Tibetan lifestyle. There are several undeveloped settlements where you may see a straightforward yet fascinating way of living. To protect the communities and their traditions, the Nepalese government has declared it impossible to complete the Manaslu Trek without a guide. It implies that you need a certified government guide if you want to visit all of these villages in the Manaslu region.

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As a result, it is impossible to hike alone in the Manaslu region. The only other option is to hire a professional guide, who will both make your journey safe and enhance your trekking experience. The following restrictions have been set by the government of Nepal in addition to the necessity of a guide for the Manaslu trek:

A group of at least two individuals is required (excluding guides and porters).

It is necessary to employ a government-licensed guide from a trekking business as it is impossible to hike the Manaslu trail without a guide.

The only way to obtain all the permissions needed for the Manaslu Trek is with the help of a licensed local trekking company in Nepal.

The benefits you can enjoy from hiring the guide are:

  • Restricted areas

Guides are compulsory to hire in the Manaslu region. It is a restricted region where the government is forbidden to trek solo or without licensed guides.

  • Navigation

Manaslu region contains a route with a subroute that confuses the trekkers. Therefore, guides will help to locate the route and reach the destination at the end of the day.

  • Language barirer reduction

Manaslu region livelihood or peoples have their own mother language. Most of them only know a few basic English words like Hello, Welcome, Thankyou, and bye-bye. Guides will be the perfect help for you to communicate and also learn about mountain cultures.

  • Safety and Health

You are walking on the mountains and hills of Nepal. Any kind of unexpected circumstances can take place. Those circumstances can be Weather changes, altitude sickness, getting lost en route, etc. In every situation, guides will be there for you.

In addition, you should be clear that you cannot travel solo in the Manaslu Tsum valley route. Tsum Valley, Larkya La Pass, and Manaslu Base Camp, along with six other VDCs, are just a few of the stunning locations in the Manaslu region that share a border with Tibet. These places are all listed as restricted zones. Therefore, one needs the licenses in order to explore all of these regions. Hiring a knowledgeable guide for the Manaslu Tsum valley Trek is required in order to secure the permits. Similar to this, there is still much natural splendor of the Manaslu region yet to discover. There is therefore no option for an individual trip to Manaslu in order to conserve and promote the living and natural beauties safeguarded by the Manaslu Conservation Area.

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