Best Backpack for trekking in Manaslu- Gears | Equipment | Checklist

  • Nov 23, 2022
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Manaslu trek is one of the most remote and off-beaten treks in Nepal. Manaslu route leads you through varied landscapes and weather. You have to get the essentials to make your trek comfortable. But it will be slightly easier to carry your supplies if you hire a guide or porter. You are strictly prohibited from trekking alone in the Manaslu region so with a group or guide, the trek will be less challenging. This trek to Manaslu is a chance for you to explore the less traversed western mountain region of Nepal.

It's essential to bring the appropriate gear on your adventure. Don't ignore items, and you should also prevent bringing too much. A heavy load can make you or your porter uncomfortable. Mostly take care of essentials for sleeping, hiking, and in cold weather.


For sleeping, you take a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent (if you are camping), and silk liner. Manaslu region temperature can reach a minimum (-15 degrees Celsius). Thus, the sleeping bag is quite helpful. Many evenings will be warm at lower elevations, but a sleeping bag is necessary because there will be colder nights at higher elevations.


For day hiking your backpack size depends on whether you hire a porter or not. The essentials for hiking are hiking boots, wool socks, lightweight trekking pants, trekking shorts, t-shirts, and inner. Lightweight hiking footwear is ideal. Before starting the trek, you need to assure that they are cozy and that you have worn them. Trail running shoes will also work but are lighter and less practical in situations of rain or snow.