Nagarjun (Rani Ban) Day Hiking

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Nagarjun, a legendary hill close to Kathmandu valley is located to the North-west of Kathmandu. A day hiking to Nagarjun hill is easy, short but rewarding. It offers the flavor of hiking on the mountain within the surrounding of Kathmandu valley. There is historical peak named Jamacho Peak located at the height of 6300 ft which is almost 2 and half an hour walk up to the top of the hill. As you get the top of the hill, the view of Kathmandu valley and panoramic view of other mountain range are fabulous. Simultaneously, the hill Nagarjuna is very famous for some caves like Nagarjuna, Buddha and Mahasiddas.

There is a legend about an idiot buffalo herdsman that how he became Buddha buffalo after meditation. Acharya Nagarjuna was called by a buffalo herdsman to the city and instead he told the herdsman to sit with him in the cave and do meditation and he did. He thought of nothing except buffalo during the meditation and he became Buddha Buffalo. Still the cave if famous for Buddha Buffalo cave to the visitors.

Despite being a day hiking, Nagarjun hiking offers a holistic experience to hiking on the mountain as well as offers the view of popular mountain range to the north and at the same time it offers a glimpse of legendary caves. 

Difficulty Easy Trip Lenght days Group Size 1-15 People
Best Month All Season Transportation Car | Bus | Jeep Accomodation Tea house
Style Hiking | Tour | Short Trek | Adventure Max Elevation 1500 Meal Lunch
Trip Routes Kathmandu to Raniban to Top hill to Back kathmandu
All Departures 100% Guranteed. If you are booked, you are going.